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LeadSwami builds custom reports to ensure you are buying quality leads in the right locations!

Lead purchasing and tracking is a full-time job. LeadSwami's custom reports allow you to review your lead conversions instantly and identify trends utilizing easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Start being proactive in your lead purchasing!

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Analysis of your Data

Send us an Excel with 5 non-identifable pieces of your lead data. We just need: Date Created/Producer Name/Lead Source/Lead Status/Zip Code.

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Custom Reports

Need to track a specific goal or cost? Let us know and we will build the report. We will then develop the process on how to continually track the progress.

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Create weekly and monthly lead purchasing goals. Track those goals with easy-to-read gauges! Easily tell if you have bought too many leads or not enough.

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Zip Code Close Rates

Identify the Zip Codes where you are the most successful. Then purchase leads in those specific areas. Continue to modify based on lead volume and quality!

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Report Templates

Reports tailored for lead management include: leads received, conversions, contact ratio, employee closures, lead source comparison, and many more.

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Access From Anywhere

Access your reports anywhere that you can access the web. You can also have the reports emailed daily.

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Smart Collaboration

Depending on your plan have access to monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly meetings to ensure that you are progressing. Discuss industry trends and best practices.

Here are a few of our most popular reports and graphs:

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  • tier-composition-report.png
  • vendor-spend-report.png
  • warm-transfer.png
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A Plan to Meet Every Need



Ideal for Agents spending up to $5,000/month in leads from a single lead vendor.



Ideal for Agents spending up to $10,000/month with up to 3 lead vendors and lead types.



Ideal for Agents spending up to $50,000/month with up to 5 vendors, leads types, and locations.



Ideal for Agents spending over $50,000/month or the agent looking for full vendor and campaign management.

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